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Topic London


Our Background

We are Londoner's, businesses and London tour guides that have come together to give unrivalled access to some of the greatest London has to offer and show you the best things to do in London.  Between us all, we have expert local knowledge, allowing us to arrange the most comprehensive and thought through itineraries and London city tours.

Mission Statement

To be the leading provider of themed London city tours.  Our London tour guides pride themselves on thorough research and we strive to deliver the most insightful and enriching trips you have experienced and the best things to do in London.  Aiming to exceeding expectations, we commit to meet every objective our visitors expect.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We adapt a concept to deliver great London city tours through two things, thorough research and seamless delivery.  Our combined contacts with businesses, educational providers and learning institutions give us and our London tour guides the opportunity to be able to put together a seamless learning experience offering maximum educational value, comfort and suitability. Our tour directors conduct in-depth research in preparation for your trip, collecting and preparing content intended to be presented to you during your visit.  All our efforts in creating your itinerary is done with your learning objectives as priority.  We will design a trip which brings together various elements around the subject(s) sought to be studied.  These elements are then arranged into your program in a convenient way, creating a comfortable backdrop to engage with learning. Together, we bring the best things to do in London to you.